Who Are We

Who Are We

About Us

Since the year 2001 we have been in the industry of business science. As a MARTECH company, we help our clients make better decisions. We at Inotrend International; a Strategic Integrated Solutions Provider from the MARTECH industry, we predict the future and create more successful strategies that brings in lasting positive results .

We are passionate about growing your business, and do this through our own highly experienced and capable experts who have tremendous business acumen. You will benefit from this passion and commitment, together with:

  • Committed Team
  • Quality Service
  • A Real Difference
  • Result Oriented
  • Extensive Knowledge Base
  • Personalized Solutions

We deliver projects differently. We focus on actions not words.


The Business Science People Helping You Thrive in the New Consumer Economy

We deliver sustained revenue growth, help you make more confident decisions, run more effective marketing campaigns and scale faster, using your current resources and systems.

Our objective was, and has always been, to empower incredible brands to compete with the best in the world to achieve their potential. Our passion focused on leveling the playing field - ensuring no matter what size of business, we could give our clients an unfair advantage. From enabling our clients with unrivaled marketing science, sharing the experience of seasoned professionals and practitioners and delivering fantastic operational capability to let our clients realise and exceed their full business potential.

We have developed our skill, experience and consultancy toolkits with first-hand industry roles and this has taught us the importance of good base or foundation strategies in a business, ones that ensure critical aspects such as Revenue, Reputation and Brand are protected from harm.

We specialise in utilising tailored frameworks and methodologies to record and analyse your business. This ensures that our findings are guaranteed to provide a strategic insight to support your decision-making process.

Our motivation is driven by the personal excitement we get in seeing our clients grow and partnering with them every step of the way. Working hand in hand together, sharing our science, experience and operational expertise along the way.


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