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Worlds First Ever EMOTIONAL Business Card Designing; The Simple Secret hack to Increase Your Chances of Getting

An EMOTIONAL Business Card Design is a simple secret hack that will Increase Your Chances of Getting Sales by 13 Times More.

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Gone are the days that you designed & printed business cards and carried them in your wallet. Suddenly to realize that all your cards are gone when you met that important prospect who could be a valuable client in your business.

Did you know that every single buying decision we make in our life is purely based on Emotions? Not Logical nor Rational.

We may start evaluating before we buy something using our rational or logical reasoning. Then keep all those findings aside and decide to buy it because we “just feel right,” then use our logic & rationale to justify the decision we made.

If you think we as humans make buying decisions based on logical thinking...

Just to name a few, we might never see any junk food brands or carbonated drinks in the market.

This applies not only to low-value products. It's valid even for any high end, once in a lifetime investment decisions.

If you're smart enough to use this simple truth in your business to make an emotional bond with a prospect, can you imagine the benefits it's going to bring in to your business?

As you may already know "The First Impression is The Best Impression" the better you're good at making an emotional hook between the prospect and what you're selling, it's going to make your life easier to achieve great results.

Your marketing is going to be on a totally different level compared to your competitors. Closing sales become so much easy just because of this simple rule (The emotional hook) when applied.

So now you know how important is an Emotional Hook when you reach a prospect for the first time.

Can your Business Card do this simple trick to make a lasting emotional hook and bring more sales?


How Can an Emotional Business Card Design Increase The Chances of getting Sales by 13 Times?


1) Remember Better

Once you present, It saves on Hippocampus; The area of our brain which stores Episodic memories. These are autobiographical memories from specific events that we could easily recall as and when we want. It's like an interesting thing happened at one of your childhood birthday parties.

2) Access Anytime

Unlike a physical or Digital Business card this could be accessed anytime. Prospects could access your Emotional Business Card even when they are at the pool and refer you to his/her friend.

3) Never Expires / Fades Away

Like a physical Business Card, this does not tear & wear. Even termites can't do any harm.

4) Customizable

Personalization is the key to success in the modern world. You could customize your Emotional Business Card to suit anyone you reach out to. Mass Communication is dead and gone. Now it's an era for Mass Customization.

This is the main secret behind the success of many tech giants in the world. (Eg. Facebook is just another website like the millions of other websites. The difference is unlike any other website, at any given time if you access it online and your friend access it online both will see two different versions of the same website. You like politics and you see more politically-related posts compared to your friend seeing his most interesting sports-related posts. That's what mass customization is all about)

5) Better Attraction

This is all about your prospects pain points and frustrations. So they just get attracted like a magnet towards you.

6) The Solution

Once you talk about it they will crave to do anything to find a solution to their pain points or frustrations. You are helping them to find that solution. Imagine how thankful your prospect will be to you for doing that.

7) Building Trust

Your approach to helping solve their problems will skyrocket your credibility & trust towards you.

8) Slapping the Competition

You don't look salesy in your approach. Your value proposition will make you stand high against any competition.

9) Lead Generation

That's how you attract & convert strangers who indicate interest in your company's product or services into your sales funnel.

10) Funnel Builder

Whatever you do online or offline, you can easily fill your sales funnel with many prospects. That's the beginning of acquiring clients and increasing revenue for your business.

11) Keep In Touch

Creates multiple avenues to keep in touch forever. Imagine the relationships you're going to build. That's all about Networking. Your Networth is Your Network.

12) Fast Results

Your Call To Action (CTA) will drive them easily to take action. Making prospects to take the action is what most businesses struggle.

13) Customer Lifetime Value

You can expect to get continuous business with one client than having to chase behind new clients every day. You get a higher Lifetime Value per Client. Imagine how you could scale your business if you increase the lifetime value of each client.

Does it sound too good to be true...?

But Rest Assured That We'll PROVE To You It Works

Look, we know you have come across (or even got burned by) a lot of "castles in the sky" fairy tale selling schemes, but this is different. .

The 4-Step Emotional Framework we use works 99% of the time. The framework consists of Analyse, Design, Evaluate & Implement.

In fact, this is probably the only system that can help you to "grow your sales defensively" and still reap great returns from the relationships you build in the market consistently...

And when you master this simple framework, you could even beat the seasoned sales stalwarts!


For Whom?
  • Sales & Marketing Personnel
  • Sales & Marketing Managers
  • Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders
  • Or anyone who wants to master the art of influencing others


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Can you imaging how much more sales you could generate just because of this one simple easy to use strategy?

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